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Message from the Campus Chief

Dear Students and well-wishers,
With immense pleasure, I would like to disseminate the good news of the dignified status of the Myagdi Multiple Campus (MMC) recognized by the University Grants Commission, Nepal which was established in 2048 B.S. as an intermediate level by the initiative efforts of the community. At this moment I would like to extend my due respect to the highly conscious community people who contributed to establishing this shrine institution. To address the present demand, it has extended its market-driven programs to Bachelor and Master Levels. Now, we can meet here and there the products of this campus as leaders, social workers, teachers, managers, and officers.
We are not fully complacent because we have envisioned other areas where the campus must reach. Firstly, the campus wants to build knowledge through academic research and transform the status quo of knowledge delivery procedure. Besides this, the campus has launched non-credit courses and skill-
based training for new job opportunities and entrepreneurship development.
Secondly, ample socialization is the next concern of society where a new generation is being detached from its ethics and responsibilities. Just a complaint and grievances can do nothing for this unwritten curriculum like yoga and meditation that reshape the personality through self-assessment and criticism ascribed from the fashionable society based on unedited information.
Thirdly, we are aware that climate change is the main threat faced by the present world. To cope with this problem, cosmic consciousness like ecosystems and ecocriticism are suitable courses developed from the challenges reflecting the local issues. Students should be engaged in disaster management with a sense of
empathy and sympathy to do something for the needy flora and fauna. For social transformation, the campus delivers additional curriculum that makes the students to raise issues and settle them with constructive results. Therefore, we believe to identify the real problem is to give the solution.
Please visit us and drop the valuable feedback to be welcomed. Thank you

Campus Chief 
Shreedhar Subedi

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