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Provision of Scholarship

The institution provides scholarship to 10% of total exam form filled up students in Bachelor level & Class XI and XII. The amount of scholarship is 12 months tuition fee per student. The distribution is under different quota as follows.


1    Intelligent Students      30 %
2    Economically Backward   30 % 
3    Various Ethnic Communities %10   
4    Disadvantaged Group (Dalit) %10   
5    Women    15 %  
6    Students with Disability    5%   

The topper students of Bachelor Level get prizes from the following scholarship trusts.

1    Dal Bahadur Khatri Memorial Trust      Rs.  1,11,111.00   for 6 beneficiaries
2    Kalawati Karki Scholarship Trust         Rs.     50,000.00   for 3 beneficiaries
3    Pabibalbhakta Memorial Trust            Rs.  1,51,151.00    for  3 beneficiaries

Besides the regular scholarship, the campus provides free hostel facility for special needs students like blind & physically disabled.

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