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Bachelor of Education (B Ed)

The campus runs Bachelor Level (annual system) under Education Faculty with the following Specialization

  • English
  • Nepali
  • Mathematics
  • Heal and Physical Education

Download Title Upload Date Total Downloads  
Admission form for all level 2019-02-27 12:23:34 249 Download
Academic Calendar B Ed I 2076.77 2019-09-06 11:36:33 205 Download
Academic Calendar B Ed II 2076.77 2019-09-06 11:37:47 195 Download
Academic Calendar B Ed IV 2076.77 2019-09-06 11:40:22 112 Download
Daily time schedule of B Ed 2076.77 2019-09-06 11:58:29 130 Download
Name Address Email Contact Number Designation  
Pashupatinath Dhakal Sundarbazar Nagarpalika-5, Lamgung 9857640808 Asst. Campus Chief/Lecturer View Profile
Narayan Prasad Subedi Beni-9,Myagdi 9857640306 Asst. Campus Chief / Lecturer View Profile
Prem G.C. Jaljala-3,Parbat 9847632238 HOD Education / Lecturer View Profile
Narayan Paudel Jaljala-4, Parbat 9857645092 HOD Humanities / Lecturer View Profile
Rekha Regmi Beni-5,Myagdi 9857640126 Lecturer View Profile
Hira Bahadur Baruwal Jaljala-3, Parbat 9857627211 Asst. Lecturer View Profile
Hari Giri Jaljala-4,Parbat 9847763185 Asst. Lecturer View Profile
Bishnu Kumari Roka Magar Beni-4, Myagdi 9857627700 Asst. Lecturer View Profile
Gyanedra Prasad Subedi Beni-6, Myagdi 9847642853 Asst. Lecturer View Profile
Devraj Sharma Baglung-12, Baglung 9847635745 Asst. Lecturer View Profile
Bhagwan Dhungana Beni-6, Myagdi 9841812027 Asst. Lecutrer View Profile
Megha Rijal Beni-8, Myagdi 9847041255 Asst. Lecturer View Profile
Madan Subedi Mangala-2,Myagdi 9841826483 Asst. Lecturer View Profile
Yajnya Bahadur Khatri Jaljala-3,Parbat 9847793046 Asst. Lecturer View Profile
Ramji Prasad Dhungana Beni-6,Myagdi 9857627533 Asst. Lecturer View Profile
Manita Rayamahji Beni-8, Myagdi 9847630515 Asst. Lecturer View Profile
Narayan Sapkota Beni-4,Myagdi 9856032240 Asst. Lecturer View Profile
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